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Farmer Disability Questionnaire SU2022

Farmer Questionnaire

We are Farm First, Vermont's home grown program to provide resources and support to farmers and their families. Farm First is working to determine how many of these Vermonters may face certain challenges that are likely to impact their work. We anticipate that the number may be larger than is generally known. Providing updated data on the scope of this problem may enable us to obtain additional funding to increase support to sufficiently address the needs. This survey is completely anonymous unless you choose to provide us your name below. Visit to learn more about the resources available, and to access them.
1. Have you, or a family member who works on the farm, been experiencing any of the following conditions, for more than 6 months. Check all that apply.
2. Have you ever sought assistance for any of these symptoms?
3. Would you like someone to reach out to you to tell you about what resources are available for farmers?