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2022 Gathering for New Faculty Application Form

2022 Gathering for New ATS Faculty
Virtual Event

(Deadline for Applications: Friday, March 11, 2022)

In this newly formatted experience, participants will connect with other new faculty at ATS schools to discuss key issues common to new faculty and reflect on this vocation of theological educator.  Participants will also learn about the broader context in which they do their work.

The key feature of the gathering is the cohorts that will meet regularly to discuss topics determined, in advance, by cohort members.  What is most pressing for you—balancing teaching, scholarship, service; online-onsite rhythms; navigating the world of the institution; tenure-clock pressures; finding the right publishing venues; understanding your faculty colleagues; your place in governance or administration?  Additional elements include synchronous plenaries and asynchronous learning modules on big-picture topics.

The experience will consist of the following:
  • April 1-9:  asynchronous modules to learn about how your school fits into the larger picture of theological education
  • Mid-April to mid-May:  informal 90-minute cohort Zoom meetings every other week, with topics determined by cohorts—what is most pressing for you?
  • May 26-27, 1-4pm ET:  synchronous plenary meetings with speakers who will address most commonly discussed cohort topics
  • June 6 and following:  continued synchronous cohort meetings, as initiated by cohorts.
By “new faculty” we mean the following: a) first appointment as faculty in an ATS-related school, and b) began work in your school in 2019-20,  2020-21, or 2021-22.

To apply to this ATS gathering, complete and submit this form, attaching a letter of recommendation from your dean, by the deadline above.  Acceptance notifications will be sent by March 17, 2022.  If you have questions, please go to the ATS website or  contact Monica Laughery, ATS Program Assistant for Initiatives and Faculty Development.
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5. What days/times of the week (Eastern time zone) can you attend a cohort meeting, mid-April to mid-May, 2022? (Check all that apply)
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