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Future of V2X Survey (2022)

Survey Introduction

In early 2021, ITS America’s Future of V2X Working Group released a preliminary 30 MHz Application Map that attempted to identify which V2X applications would and would not likely be deployed in a limited 30 MHz environment. During the development of the Application Map, ITS America solicited input from infrastructure owner/operators (IOOs) about which applications should be prioritized in a 30 MHz environment, knowing that 30 MHz will not be enough spectrum for all applications to be deployed.

ITS America is currently seeking to further develop and refine the 30 MHz Application Map, including by revising the original prioritization survey to solicit additional feedback and incorporate a broader range of V2X stakeholders. ITS America is now providing the opportunity to respond to the survey to:
        (1) Infrastructure owner/operators
        (2) Vehicle OEMs
        (3) Other industry stakeholders.

This survey includes three sections:
        (1) A set of questions requesting demographic information
        (2) A set of questions designed to solicit information related to the general deployment of V2X in 30 MHz
        (3) A list of applications for respondents to rank based on their prioritization of the application.

We are asking this expanded group of participants to respond to the questions in the second section and to provide prioritization rankings in the application list provided in the third section. We ask that respondents rank those applications 1-5, with 5 being reserved for the highest priority applications. Respondents should consider the safety implications of an application as one important criteria when ranking applications.