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2022 TASB Risk Management Fund Excellence Award Application


Awards Application

Join a select group of your peers honored by the Fund for their risk management initiatives. The TASB Risk Management Fund Excellence Awards recognizes the variety of excellent risk management solutions that our members implement. Up to 10 members will be honored and will receive a monetary award to apply toward their risk management programs.

Please read the following information before beginning your application. You may submit multiple entries but may only win for one entry. You must complete a separate application for each entry.

Section 1: Review the Eligibility Criteria
  1. To be considered for an Excellence Award, the member must participate in at least one of these five Fund programs- (Auto, Liability, Property, Unemployment Compensation, or Workers’ Compensation) through August 2023.
    • Please note: If the award recipient discontinues membership during this time, the entity agrees to reimburse the Fund for all award monies received.
  2. Applications must contain information on completed and implemented initiatives, products, or programs that address risk management needs and concerns in a timely and effective fashion.
  3. Award initiatives will have made a significant impact on the organization and its staff. Entries will be evaluated on the following criteria:
    • Effectiveness: Solution directly improves your risk management practices, functions, or processes.
    • Efficiency: Solution makes good use of resources, including money and staff time.
    • Impact: Solution addresses a critical or pressing need for your organization, demonstrated by specific and documented savings or reduced injuries.
    • Innovation: Solution is creative and represents out-of-the-box thinking or a creative adaptation of an established idea.
  4. The application must have consent from the organization's executive director, president, or superintendent.
  5. 2021 Excellence Award recipients are not eligible for this year’s awards program.
Award applications received after June 3, 2022, at 6 p.m. central time will not be considered.