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Interest Form for CDP's Catalyze Cohort 2022

Please contact to discuss how you can participate.  

Please note that applicants must work for a local government (defined as a city, county, municipality, township, parish or equivalent) or a public authority, or equivalent in the United States or Canada.

Please see the Catalyze Cohort FAQ.

About the cohort
CDP’s Catalyze Cohort is an opportunity to undertake professional development with one or more of your colleagues on skills to develop and finance urgently-needed building energy efficiency infrastructure projects for equitable and sustainable communities. Ideally, you will join the cohort with a project in development at any stage of maturity. Projects should be seeking financing or developing funding strategies. Participation in the cohort will build your knowledge on project conceptualization, project development and financing mechanisms while providing an opportunity to connect with other local governments, public authorities and the private sector. The cohort is a virtual, 6-month program (Jun-Dec 2022).

The participation in the cohort is free. We ask that cohort members dedicate 2-3 hours per month to cohort activities, including workshops, webinars, networking events and consultation calls with CDP staff.

Who should join the cohort?
  • We are looking for public sector professional in local governments, public authorities and other public agencies who play a role in developing or financing infrastructure projects. Ideal applicants seek to:
  • Advance social equity and inclusion through their work;
  • Develop or finance building energy efficiency infrastructure projects that reduce city-wide and municipal greenhouse gas emissions, develop local economies, and/or improve quality of life;
  • Work collaboratively with community members and other departments within your local government/public authority; and
  • Learn about developing and financing projects through practical application and peer learning alongside sustainability officers, finance officers, urban planners and other public sector professionals.

Candidates are recommended to apply jointly with a colleague from another department. For example, if you are in the sustainability department, we recommend applying jointly with a colleague from the Department of Finance, Department of Transportation, Department of Public Works or equivalents. The cohort is designed to partner multiple departments/functions to accelerate your ability to develop and finance climate and sustainability projects.

If you have any questions, please contact