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Dane County Parks and Henry Vilas Zoo — User/Visitor Survey

The Office of the Dane County Board, in collaboration with Dane County Parks and the Henry Vilas Zoo, engaged Keen Independent Research to conduct a program evaluation to advance racial and social equity and access at Dane County Parks and the Henry Vilas Zoo. 

As part of this study, Keen Independent Research is gathering input from visitors and non-visitors of the Parks and Zoo and seeks your input and comments. Results will help inform recommendations to guide the County towards improving access to its facilities, lands, properties and programs, and ultimately become a more inclusive, equitable and racially just place for all.

To learn more about this project, visit (this will exit the survey). To continue to the survey, click the next button or arrow below.

Results will be reported in aggregate.

You may also reach out to Lisa MacKinnon, Sustainability and Program Evaluation Coordinator,