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2022 NTCA Awards Nominations

2022 NTCA Awards Overview

2022 National TB Controllers Association Awards
Call for Nominations

Deadline for submission: March 18, 2022

Dear NTCA Members and the larger TB community,

Impressed by a colleague’s dedication to providing quality physician and nursing services for individuals with tuberculosis (TB) and their families? Amazed by someone’s commitment to advocating for TB services at the local, state or federal levels? Thankful for the contributions made by a TB researcher in clinical or epidemiological arenas? We want to honor and celebrate these individuals and their contributions to our work.

This is the 13th year the National TB Controllers Association (NTCA) will honor individuals or organizations for their dedication and distinguished service in the field of TB. Nominations can be submitted by anyone and nominees do not need to be members of NTCA.

Nominations for the 2022 NTCA Awards are being accepted to honor individuals or organizations for their dedication and distinguished service in the field of TB. Nominations can be submitted by anyone, and nominees do not need to be members of NTCA.

The deadline for nomination forms is March 18, 2022.

Descriptions of the Awards
You can find more information on the awards below.

Nomination Form
The fields to enter information about your nomination are on the second page of this form. This year’s online interface asks for your Description of the Nominee's Background and Merits to be uploaded, and instructions on how to upload your document (Word preferred) are included in the form below.

Click the Save and Continue Later link at the bottom of the second page to save your work on the form.

If you have any questions, please contact NTCA staff at

In partnership,
The NTCA Board, Section Leadership and Staff

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NTCA Award Categories

TB Controller of the Year – This is the National Tuberculosis Controller’s highest award. It recognizes an outstanding contribution and impact on TB prevention and control at the local, state, regional, or national level. The award recognizes what TB controllers are all about!

Carol Pozsik TB Nursing Award – This award honors exemplary care, service, dedication, or leadership in the field of public health TB nursing.

William Stead TB Clinician Award – This award recognizes outstanding commitment and performance by a clinician providing TB care, leadership, or mentoring.

Ed Desmond TB Laboratorian Award – This award honors exemplary service, dedication, or leadership to a TB laboratory professional

Robert Koch AwardAs stewards of the spirit for the Robert Koch Award, the SETC would like to strongly encourage you to nominate someone for this award that has made a contribution to the science of TB through application of epidemiologic methods. This has previously been thought of as a research focused award and we want to really broaden the definition and make it welcoming to any epidemiologist or data scientist who is using data to drive programmatic decision making, do research or otherwise contribute to our TB management efforts

Dixie Snider Award – This award recognizes a CDC employee who has provided outstanding support, through partnership with a state or local TB community, in the interest of TB control and prevention.

Charles DeGraw TB Advocacy Award – This award recognizes an individual/organization, making an outstanding effort or achievement advocating for increased support and recognition of TB control and prevention efforts.

Joe Ware TB Partner Service Award – This award recognizes an organization that has made a significant effort and/or contribution to the mission of TB control and prevention through partnership activities with public health TB programs.

Unsung TB Hero Award – This award, introduced in 2017, recognizes those within our TB programs working on the front lines, regardless of their professional training, who daily dedicate themselves to quality patient care and protecting our public’s health. The individuals eligible for nomination for this award conduct contact investigations, educate the community about TB, provide DOT services, build relationships of trust and respect with those they serve, and are the heart and soul of many public health TB programs.