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Tell us your opinions... and enter to win

WRI’s recently launched Land & Carbon Lab would like to get to know you and how we can help.   

Land & Carbon Lab is developing a comprehensive monitoring system to track all forms of land cover, land use and land-use change globally, plus the associated carbon stocks and flows.   

This monitoring system will generate insights about the changing state of the world’s land and provide actionable information to decision-makers that influence land use and land management outcomes at all scales.   

If you have 10 minutes to spare, please take our short survey to tell us about the nature of your work and challenges you face so we can ensure Land & Carbon Lab supports your objectives. We respect your privacy and will protect your identity.  

If you complete the survey, we will enter you in a drawing to receive a Land & Carbon Lab Klean Kanteen thermos (see rules below). 


Which option best describes your interest in Land & Carbon Lab?

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8. Which land cover / land use categories do you see as the highest priorities for improved global monitoring? (pick up to 3)  *This question is required.
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Which topics do you see as the highest priority for improved global monitoring?  (pick up to 3) 

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For example, resolution of spatial data on croplands, is too coarse to be actionable, lack of up-to-date statistics on land cover globally or in specific countries, inability to track progress towards global climate and land commitments, the role of Indigenous Peoples and local communities in mitigating emissions reductions from land use change, etc. 

For example, report progress of a restoration project to a funder, monitor compliance with local land use laws to for all cocoa farms within my province, etc. 

12. Can we contact you to discuss your responses in more detail? *This question is required.
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Contest Rules: To be entered in the contest you must complete all "required" survey questions and provide an email address in question #13 by March 31, 2022. One entry per person. Land & Carbon Lab will randomly select 10 winners to receive a new Land & Carbon Lab Klean Kanteen thermos. Winners will receive an email and will have 2 weeks to reply and provide a mailing address. The thermos will be shipped through USPS to winners within the United States or DHL outside the United States. By entering this form you agree to the complete terms and conditions which can be found here.  

Thank You!