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Virtual Therapy Program for PCAs of Adults with SMA

Virtual Therapy Program for PCAs of Adults with SMA

Following the successful launch of the Adults with SMA Virtual Therapy Program, Cure SMA is thrilled to offer a new supplemental virtual therapy program to support Personal Care Assistants (PCA's) of adults with SMA, sponsored by Genentech. This new program was created to help further support adults with SMA by also supporting the mental health of those who are their primary caretakers.

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This new program provides personal care assistants (PCAs) of adults with SMA three complementary 30-minute live video sessions with a licensed therapist through the online therapy company, Talkspace. PCAs may be family members, friends, or hired caregivers, and are incredibly valuable members of the SMA community. It has never been more important to support the mental health of our community’s caregivers, especially as we continue to navigate through uncertain times. Whether you are in the midst of a critical problem, are experiencing general distress, or just need someone to talk to, therapy is a valuable investment.

This program is only for PCAs of adults with SMA, ages 18 or older in the US. If you are an adult with SMA and your PCA meets these criteria, please fill out the request on the next page. Please note that an adult with SMA may only submit request forms for up to three PCAs. The first request form, which covers one session voucher, must be completed by the adult with SMA that is receiving care.

Cure SMA staff will be reviewing each registration to confirm eligibility, and the PCA listed on the request form will receive a separate confirmation email from Talkspace once approved. They will also receive an email from Cure SMA which will include a link to another request form which the PCA may fill out themselves to request two additional sessions for a maximum of three sessions.

The confirmation email from Talkspace will include an e-card with more information. There will be a brief assessment to determine recommended therapist matches, then the PCA will make the final choice on who they would like to work with. Talkspace is a HIPAA-compliant secure platform that has licensed therapists from all 50 states that are ready to help with anything you may be going through.

For more information on wellness and mental health resources, please see Cure SMA’s new Care Series booklet, Caring for Your Emotional and Mental Health.

Please reach out to with any questions.

Disclaimer: Medical or legal opinions expressed or shared should not be substituted or interpreted as personal medical or legal advice. Please consult your healthcare provider regarding any health-related concerns.

Scroll to the bottom of this page and click to the next page to fill out a request form.

Thank you to the Presenting Sponsor of the Virtual Therapy Program for Personal Care Assistants of Adults with SMA.