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2022 Salons of the Year


Did you recently give your salon a makeover or build a brand-new space? Share your gorgeous new, or newly renovated, salon with SALON TODAY magazine by entering the 38th annual SALONS OF THE YEAR competition.

The entire Summer 2022 issue of SALON TODAY will be devoted to salon decor and design, with detailed profiles of all the 2022 SALONS OF THE YEAR. Select photos of the honored salons will be complemented by their design facts and figures, great decor ideas and trend predictions. Our online coverage will include all the images of all the honored salons.

Get the recognition you and your beautiful salon deserve. Enter today!


Your salon is eligible for consideration in SALONS OF THE YEAR 2022 if:

1. Your salon opened or completed a remodel between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021. 

2. You completely fill out this form, answer the three essays questions, sign the application, and grant SALON TODAY/MODERN SALON Media permission to edit and publish information and artwork.

3. You upload up to 10, high-resolution digital photos (at least 300 dpi, and 9" x 12") showcasing key elements of the salon’s decor. (Tips below.)

4. You pay the $75 processing fee by credit card. 

5. Your online application is submitted no later than March 20, 2022.

Questions about this application or the SALONS OF THE YEAR program?
Call Stacey Soble at 805-709-1837 or e-mail Stacey at

SALON TODAY is not responsible for any missing or misspelled information. What is listed on the application is how it will appear in the magazine.


Since SALONS OF THE YEAR 2021 is a photo-based competition, it is highly recommended that entrants use a professional photographer who has specific experience in photographing interior environments. Salon mirrors and lighting are just two challenges to capturing the ambiance and impact of your beautiful new or improved salon. Also, please make sure there are NO people, products or clutter in your shots. You may submit one image that includes the owners and/or staff. (NOTE: Product is allowed in your retail areas.)

You are also strongly urged to schedule your shoot early, well before the March 20, 2022, deadline. You will need adequate time to review and edit the images and compile your application. You may need to re-shoot certain areas.  Although it is primarily a visual competition, it is also important to accurately complete the written information required on the entry form for SALONS OF THE YEAR. These details will impact the judging procedure. 

Please remove any protective plastic covering from chairs and holiday decorations that may date your images. 

Ten digital images must be high resolution (at least 300 dpi, and at least
9" x 12"). Digital images that do not meet this criteria will be immediately disqualified.

This year’s SALONS OF THE YEAR will name the Best of in different categories. Please indicate which category best describes your beauty or grooming business (please check only one): *This question is required.
*We will contact you via cellphone and/or owner email if you are one of our honored salons. We will not sell or share this info.
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