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SY22 Updated Authorized School Application - Updated COVID-19 Testing Program

Application to be an Authorized School

On January 18, 2022, DESE, EOHHS, and DPH announced an update to the SY22 K-12 COVID-19 Testing Program. Effective January 31, 2022, districts and schools may elect to discontinue contact tracing and Test and Stay and instead implement at-home antigen test option. To take advantage of this updated testing option, districts and schools must be enrolled in the statewide K-12 Testing Program and administer symptomatic and/or routine pooled testing. A district/school that chooses not to implement either symptomatic and/or routine pooled testing, will not receive at-home tests. 

To proceed with the updated K-12 Testing Program (at-home antigen tests and symptomatic and/or routine pooled testing), districts and school must fill out the district survey opting into the at-home antigen test program. In addition, districts and schools that are not currently enrolled in either symptomatic and/or pooled testing must fill out this updated authorized school application. This updated application is required for any K-12 school or district (public or private) seeking to participate in the updated COVID-19 Testing Program and who are not already enrolled. 

Superintendents, charter school leaders, and executive directors should complete the information on behalf of the schools participating.

Questions regarding the application may be sent to

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