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Updated K-12 Testing Program District Opt-in Form


On January 18, 2021, DESE, EOHHS, and DPH announced an update to the COVID-19 Testing Program for districts and schools. Specifically, districts and schools participating in symptomatic and/or pooled testing may choose to continue those testing strategies and discontinue contact tracing and Test and Stay. As an additional resource, districts and schools that elect to make this change will be provided with rapid antigen at-home tests for all participating staff and students that may be used on a weekly basis.

Districts and schools may elect to switch to the updated testing program between January 21 and April 1, 2022 by responding to this brief survey. This district opt-in form is required for any K-12 school or district (public or private) seeking to switch to the updated testing program. Districts and schools that respond affirmatively by January 21 will be prioritized to start the updated program. The at-home antigen tests will be provided on a staggered basis with delivery of tests for staff and students occurring on alternate weeks.
  Updated K-12 Testing Options (effective 1/31)
Discontinue contact tracing and Test and Stay <strongly recommended>
Original K-12 Testing Options
Maintain contact tracing and Test and Stay 
Symptomatic testing and/or Routine pooled testing Yes Yes
Test and Stay  No Yes
Individualized contact tracing for in-school exposures  Not required

Weekly at-home antigen testing (students and staff) Yes No

Superintendents, charter school leaders, and executive directors should complete the information on behalf of the schools participating.

Questions regarding the application may be sent to

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