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Access Request for UCOP Research Enterprise Tools


Submit this form to gain access to applications, listservs and other tools maintained by Research Policy Analysis and Coordination (RPAC) and Innovation Transfer and Entrepreneurship (ITE).

You must complete this form if:
  • You have never had accessed an application or listserv; or
  • You recently transferred from one campus/location to another.
Access is primarily for frontline contract and grant officers and support staff. RPAC will not authorize access without support from your local Contracts and Grants/Sponsored Projects Office. Please contact your local office before requesting access.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of January 27, 2022, REMS now uses Single Sign-On for application access. This transition will improve data security and allow users to log in using the existing UC campus/location credentials they already use for Shibboleth/UCTrust-enabled applications, such as UCPath.

As part of the access request process, new users will be prompted to log into REMS using their UC campus/location credentials before submitting this form. This will create a new account that will record their campus login credentials. If you will be submitting requests on behalf of someone else, please ensure they have completed this step before you submit their request.

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