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CySA+ Practice Quiz: C00-002 Quiz 26

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. The annual loss expectancy (ALE) calculation provides an organization's stakeholders with what information?
2. How is probability determined using quantitative analysis?
3. A hacker wants to check if a port is open using TCP Protocol. The hacker wants to be stealthy and not generate any security logs. Which type of port scan is BEST suited for this endeavor?

4. A hacker doesn't want to use a computer that can be tracked back to them. They decide to use a zombie computer. Which type of scan BEST describes what the hacker is doing?

5. Why are endpoints a favorite target for malware attacks?
6. Jake, a security analyst, has been asked to examine the malware found on the company's network. He decides the best place to start is to use a tool to translate the executable files to assembly language so he can understand what the malware can do and what it can impact.

Which tool is the BEST choice for Jake to use?
7. Which type of web application is designed to work on Android or iOS?
8. Which of the following attacks is caused by improper configuration that allows the attacker to intercept the session ID and take over the current session?
9. In monitoring you company's e-mail for security, you notice that several employees have been sent e-mails with an attachment that includes a virus. The virus in this e-mail is considered which of the following?
10. During a recent site survey, you found a rogue wireless access point on your network. Which of the following actions should you take first to protect your network while still preserving evidence?
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