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Immigrant Community Ambassador Workshops

Immigrant Community Ambassador Workshops_SY21-22

Thank you for your interest in joining the upcoming workshops focused on postsecondary planning for immigrant and undocumented students.

These professional learning opportunities are brought to you by the Division of Multilingual Learners (DML) and will be facilitated by DML/CUNY Immigrant Community Ambassadors – a group of immigrant DOE alumni enrolled in CUNY colleges who are committed to prioritizing postsecondary planning and access for this community. Immigrant Ambassadors will be launching additional learning opportunities and workshops this year for educators, immigrant high school students, and families. 

The current educator workshops available are: 
  1. Financial Aid Options: Understand the diverse sources of financial aid such as free money, borrowed money, and earned money; Access financial aid resources most accessible to immigrant and undocumented student - 4:30pm - 5:30pm on Tuesday, March 29
  2. NYS Dream Act: Understand the NYS Dream Act eligibility requirements and gain strategies and resources to highlight this financial aid source for students. - 3pm - 4pm on Monday, April 11 
  3. Progressive Pathways: Understand non-college options that serve as beneficial postsecondary pathways for students seeking diverse choices; Learn of pathways that lead to family-sustaining incomes for immigrant and undocumented students and be mindful of pathways that might present barriers. - 3pm - 4pm on Thursday, April 28
  4. Navigating College: Gain strategies and resources to support your immigrant students transition into college and understand habits and mindsets needed for your students during their freshman year of college. - 3pm - 4pm on Wednesday, May 18
  5. Students' Rights in the Workplace: Understanding the rights of immigrant and undocumented workers in their place of employment; Identify strategies to help students understand the steps to take when one's rights might be violated. - 3:30pm - 4:30pm on Wednesday, June 6

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