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SoACE 2022 Research Fellowship Program


Purpose of Program: 
The purpose of the SoACE Research Fellowship is to promote and support research and study projects that will further the stated professional purposes of SoACE and its members. This research should fall within the SoACE mission which states: SoACE is organized exclusively to create a common understanding between individuals in career services and college relations focused on the career development and employment of the college-educated to promote and foster relationship among the constituents; serve as the voice of the profession for the southern region of the United States; create and retain leaders in the profession by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and insight; provide professional development and promote high professional standards; and identify trends, issues, challenges, opportunities in the profession. 

Administration of Program: 
The program will be administered by the SoACE Board of Directors through the Director for Professional Development and the Scholarship and Research Fellowship sub-committee.

Research Status Reports: 
A research progress report is due to the Chair of the Scholarship and Research Fellowship Sub-Committee SoACE to track the progress of the project. The report due dates will be established when the project is awarded. Failure to provide these reports could result in a delay or loss of funding.
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