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Healthcare Facility Compliance & Waste Management Review

2022 Practice Evaluation

1. OSHA Compliance Overview
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Have all employees been trained on OSHA upon starting employment, when there is a equipment or process change and at least annually thereafter?
Have you created and updated a Exposure Control Plan for 2022?
Has every staff member completed Blood Borne Pathogen Training for 2022?
Has every staff member completed Hazard Communication (Hazcom) training for 2022?
Has your office updated Safety Data Sheets (formerly called material safety data sheets msds) for 2022?
Do you have a fire safety plan that clearly states where your team is to meet outside in the event of a fire?
Has your facility completed a annual test and documented this test for your eye wash station?
Is your biohazard waste kept in a safe room labeled with a biohazardous label or sign?
2. HIPAA Compliance Review
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Have your employees completed required HIPAA compliance training for 2022?
Has your facility completed your annual Security Risk Analysis?
3. What type of waste do you generate at your facility?
4. Is your sharps/biohazardous waste picked up regularly by truck service or do you ship in your waste using a mail-back system?
4. Do you have copies of the last three years of manifest or proof of destruction for your waste?
4. What items are you placing in your sharps/biohazardous waste containers?
5. Where would you like your assessment to be sent? *This question is required.