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Security+ Practice Quiz: SY0-601 Quiz 26

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Which impact of vulnerabilities occurs when an attacker uses information gained from a data breach to commit fraud by doing things like opening new accounts with the victim's information?
2. Which of the following controls is an example of a physical access control method?
3. Which of the following does a router use to determine where packets are forwarded to?

4. Above all else, what must be protected to maintain the security and benefit of an asymmetric cryptographic solution, especially if it is widely used for digital certificates?

5. When a sender encrypts a message using their own private key, which security service is being provided to the recipient?
6. A security administrator needs to run a vulnerability scan that analyzes a system from the perspective of a hacker attacking the organization from the outside.

Which type of scan should he or she use?
7. Which SIEM component is responsible for gathering all event logs from configured devices and securely sending them to the SIEM system?
8. Which of the following systems is able to respond to low-level security events without human assistance?
9. Which of the following processes identifies an operating system based on its response to different types of network traffic?
10. What does a differential backup do during the backup?
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