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Network+ Practice Quiz: N10-008 Quiz 1

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. In which of the following topologies does each device on the network act as a repeater, sending the signal to the next device?
2. Your manager has asked you to implement a wired network infrastructure that will accommodate failed connections. You don't have a large budget, so you decide to provide redundancy for only a handful of critical devices.

Which of the following network topologies should you implement?
3. Which of the following allows the same IPv6 address to be assigned to multiple interfaces?
4. Which of the following gives the same IP address to multiple servers and manually defines different routes on an IPv4 network?
5. Which of the following routing protocols requires an area 0 that identifies the network backbone to which all areas must be connected?
6. Which of the following BEST describes OSPF?
7. Which of the following is MOST susceptible to interference related to atmospheric conditions?
8. Which of the following internet services provides equal upload and download bandwidth?
9. Your network administrator is configuring settings so the switch shuts down a port when the max number of MAC addresses is reached. What is the network administrator taking countermeasures against?
10. Which of the following is the MOST effective protection against IP packet spoofing on a private network?
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