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Transition Retreat Survey 2021 - 22

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This short survey asks about your local or virtual officer transition retreat and must be completed to unlock $1,000 in Need-Based Relief Scholarships from the Beta Foundation.

Note: If you completed the virtual transition retreat on November 14th, December 4th OR completed a transition retreat on your own having requested supplies from Jess Schauble, associate director of leadership and education, you are automatically eligible and need only complete this survey. If you haven't done any of these, you are still eligible to receive funding by completing the further steps outlined in this survey.

To receive funding, the transition retreat must be completed and materials submitted before February 28, 2022. "Unlocked" funds must be disbursed to members by March 31, 2022; check out this website for guidance on disbursing Need-Based Relief Scholarships:

Before you begin: The survey asks you to upload your transition retreat agenda and notes. Get those ready before you start the survey. A sample transition retreat agenda is located in this lesson:

Questions about officer transition retreats should be directed to your Chapter Development Consultant.

Questions about this survey and the status of your additional scholarship funds should be directed to Zane Carlson (, 800-800-2382).
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