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ACOE Standards Review - Professional Optometric Degree Programs

Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) Comprehensive Standards Review - Professional Optometric Degree Programs

The Accreditation Council on Optometric Education (ACOE) is launching its Comprehensive Standards Review process associated with Professional Optometric Degree Programs.

This survey gives members of the communities of interest the opportunity to provide input. The Council greatly appreciates and will thoroughly consider input received as it develops a draft version of revised Accreditation Standards. The draft Standards are anticipated to be distributed broadly to members of the communities of interest for public comment in 2022.

The ACOE currently maintains two (2) sets of Standards for Professional Optometric Degree Programs one (1) set applicable to currently operational programs and one (1) set applicable to developing programs seeking to earn the ACOE’s preaccreditation status, which enables them to begin student recruitment and enrollment. The ACOE is seeking to ensure these sets of Standards remain in alignment and is considering consolidating them into a single set of Standards. Thus, both sets of Standards are being presented for input.

Instructions: Please allot 60 or more minutes to complete this survey. The survey is organized into four primary sections.
  • Section 1 – collection of demographic information
  • Section 2 – detailed review of the ACOE Standards with opportunity to evaluate the criticality and clarity of each Standard as well as to comment on gaps and areas of redundancy
  • Section 3 – seeks to gain input on any other areas the Council should consider addressing within the Standards
  • Section 4 – seeks input on Council consideration of the concept of ‘contemporary optometry’
If you are unable to complete the survey in a single sitting, you have the option to save your responses and complete the survey at a later time.  Once in the survey look for the option to Save & Continue Later in banner at the top of your screen