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UC Mass Timber Webinar Registration

Event Summary

Mass Timber:  An Opportunity for Creating Biophilic and Zero Carbon Buildings

Buildings are responsible for half of all global carbon emissions.  Half of those comes from the upfront effort that goes into constructing the building itself.  What if there was an alternative structural system that is zero carbon, prefabricated and also very beautiful?

In this discussion, we’ll explore the technology of Mass Timber to create a new approach to zero carbon high performance buildings.  We’ll discuss the process, the considerations, the code implications, the opportunities, and the common pitfalls to avoid.  You’ll leave this session with a clear direction of how mass timber can help you in your projects and help the UC system create beautiful green buildings that help meet your larger climate goals.

You’ll hear from an award winning, nationally known green architect on how to consider, evaluate and implement a mass timber strategy into your current and upcoming projects.

PRESENTED BY:  Eric Corey Freed, Director of Sustainability, CannonDesign 

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