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Pediatric Survey: Kids/Teens


iConquerMS ( is a community for people affected by MS who are interested in research.  People with MS and their family members can join iConquerMS by registering on the website.  iConquerMS members participate in research activities to make MS research better and go faster.

iConquerMS has over 7,500 members but all of them are adults.  We're updating iConquerMS to include children and teens living with MS and their parents and guardians.  We're working with adolescents and young adults living with MS, parents, other nonprofits like ours, healthcare providers, and researchers to figure out the best ways to do that.

We'd like your opinions on research in general and how iConquerMS can be updated to include you and other adolescents like you who are living with MS.

Thank you for taking this survey and for sharing your insights!  The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. 

At the end of the survey you'll be invited to go to another form where you can provide your contact information if you'd like to be sent a $5 gift code for completing the survey and/or be kept informed about iConquerMS.