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2022 Updates: ICD-O, Solid Tumor Rules, SSDIs

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3. Did you view this session live or as a recording?
4. Which of the following histologies is newly reportable for 2022 (was not reportable prior to 2022). Use the ICD O  tables at to answer the question.

5. A patient is diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung on 2/12/22 at your facility. The first resource used to assign histology to this case would be...
6. A patient is diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2022. She is HPV positive. What would we assign in the data item p16?
7. The CE phrase is
8. Please rank the following
Space Cell Star Ranking (5 is the best)
Audio quality
Presenters knowledge
Overall quality of the webinar
10. Where the materials for today's webinar basic, advanced, or just about right?
Much too basicToo basicAbout rightToo advancedMuch too advanced
11. Do you abstract cases on a regular basis?
12. Please give an overall rating for each of the following.
Space Cell Overall Rating
Solid Tumor Rule Updates
ICD O Updates
SSDI Updates
13. Indicate how diffult you find the rules for assigning histology?
Very Simple
Average level if difficulty
Very Difficult
14. In practice, do you find it difficult to assign histology?
Not difficult at all
Extremely difficult
15. What diagnosis year is your  registry primarily abstracting (hospital registry) or collecting (central registry)?
16. When do you expect to start abstracting (hospital registry) or collecting (central registry) cases diagnosed in 2022?