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Science of Reading Star Award Finalist Vote: Standout School Award (Principal)

1. Read the spotlights of our finalists for Science of Reading Standout School Principal Award below:

Amanda Killeen — Principal, North Crawford School District, Wisconsin
Passionate about accelerating literacy, Amanda led her school through a year-long Science of Reading learning journey through book studies and pilots. The school underwent an adoption of Amplify CKLA to provide solid explicit instruction for all its students.

Cathy Dorbish — Principal, Austintown Elementary School, Ohio
Each year Cathy continues to introduce new Science of Reading materials, professional development, and curriculum to improve reading at Austintown Elementary. Learning for her teachers and truly understanding what they are going through is how she has managed this smooth shift to the Science of Reading. 

Georgina Nelson — Principal, Madison City Schools, Alabama
Committed to continuously learning, Georgina has made it a priority to train all K-2 teachers in the Science of Reading and LETRS. Encouraging her teachers to advocate for their students' reading has radically transformed her school to Number 1 in the district. 

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