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The Well: Central Alumni Thriving in Ministry Application


The Well:  Central Alumni Thriving in Ministry

The Well: Central Alumni Thriving in Ministry is a program created to assist Central alums in supporting their flourishing in ministry.  It is designed to bring together Central alumni into an intentional time of mutual encouragement, connection, and hospitality.
The name, The Well, is intentional.  In the ancient world, the well was a unique gathering place that provided life-sustaining water for both humans and animals.  Not only life-giving water was found at wells, but wells were also the social networking hub of their day.  They were places where relationships were formed, conversations took place, ideas created, and bonds renewed.  It was at Beer-sheba, the Well of Oaths, that Abraham and Abimelech connected and made a covenant between one another (Genesis 21:31).  Sometimes even the sacred could happen at wells.  It was at Beer-lahai-roi, the Well of the Living One who Sees Me, that Hagar had her theophany encounter with God (Genesis 16:14).  

One never knows what might occur during this gathering time of select alums.  We hope Central’s Well can replicate some of the relationships at ancient wells.  Our goal for The Well is to support the well-being of ministers by providing connection, gathering, support, and space in which to drink from the deep well of relationships and to be renewed by God’s spirit.

In 2021, The Well will gather at Central Seminary from June 20-21, 2022 and will focus on congregational ministry.  Eligible alumni must be at least 5 years from their graduation date, available on the dates of the gathering, and currently engaged in congregational ministry.  Applications may be submitted from January to March 31, 2022 and accepted applicants will be notified in April.  

This program is funded by Central's Thriving in Ministry grant from the Lilly Endowment, with no cost to participants.

To apply and be considered for participation in The Well, please complete this application form by March 31, 2022.