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Registration (webcast): Current Strategies for Updating Systematic Reviews

Current Strategies for Updating Systematic Reviews

Thank you for your interest in the Center on KTDRR’s 2022 webcast on evidence synthesis, focused on “Current Strategies for Updating Systematic Reviews” with three expert presenters:
- Dr. Carlton Fong, editor of Campbell’s Disability Coordinating Group will discuss the process he implemented in an updated systematic review published in 2021.
- Dr. Chiara Arienti, Coordinator and Methodologist, will present the perspective from Cochrane Rehabilitation and share the process used with the REH-COVER project, a rapid living systematic review on rehabilitation intervention for the management of COVID-19. 
- James Thomas, Deputy Director of the EPPI-Centre, University College London, will discuss the latest tools and processes for updating, including the living systematic map of evidence on COVID-19.

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