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Midwest 2022 Event Registration

This form is registration for the October 15th 2022 Men Having Babies Midwest Surrogacy Conference & Gay Parenting Expo, at Center on Halsted

The early bird price is $20 per person, $10 per supporting member of MHB. (The rate increases to $35/$25 per person on September 30th.) This rate is heavily subsidized and includes a meal. Please note that professionals and sponsors/exhibitors pay a higher rate. Your registration is risk-free, with a full refund available if you cancel more than two weeks before the conference, or at any time if you are unable to attend due to health reasons.

Public Health and COVID-19 Policy - Midwest
We will provide COVID-19 self-tests on-site so that all attendees can verify their status before checking in for the event. We ask everyone to wear masks unless actively eating or drinking. Please contact us with any questions.
Media will be allowed to attend only with advanced approval.  To register as a media attendee, email

PLEASE NOTE:  You will be prompted to pay after you register.  If you do not pay in advance, we may NOT be able to hold a space for you at this event.
Please WAIT for payment confirmation, then press "Submit" to complete your registration. 
1. Are you a: *This question is required.Please select the option that best explains your primary reason for attending this conference.
Failure to accurately represent the purpose of your participation in the conference may result in denial of entry without refund. 

Please include details about your organization, position, and even a URL to your organization (unless you are already a sponsor). Failure to include this information could result in your access into our event being denied.

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MHB's conferences are intended primarily for Intended Parents, and our venues have limited capacity. However, tickets for professionals may be available for education and networking. Unless the professional is a sponsor of the event, advertising or promotion of their company's services is not permitted.

Please note: there are NO OUTREACH BENEFITS associated with professional attendance (outside of conference sponsorship). Professional attendance without sponsorship is limited to one conference per year, and at all times is at the discretion of the MHB team.

The cost is $200 each for full two-day admission, including entry to the surrogacy expo (Saturday) and the Friday night welcome reception for professionals. 

Subsidized tickets for students, researchers, or representatives of non-profit partner organizations MAY be available. Email Jenny if you wish to enquire about availability. Media representatives must request clearance to attend.
Tickets for sponsors are $125 each. This form allows you to pay for up to 4 tickets. If you need more than 4 tickets, you need to complete the form twice. If you have any questions about your included sponsor tickets, please contact Sara.
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