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Breakfast and Beyond 2021-2022

Breakfast and Beyond SY 2021-2022

Demonstrating resiliency and collaboration in the important work of feeding students.


Breakfast & Beyond-Purpose


To recognize districts or an individual school/s within a district, that demonstrate a collaborative approach and innovative strategies to expand access and participation in school meals.

Submit Stories that
  • include plans implemented between June 2021 thru December 2021
  • demonstrate collaborative efforts, innovative strategies and practices 
  • maximize resources to expand access and participation in school meals 
Please gather your information from the list below and have it ready to complete your story. 
  1. Average Daily Participation (ADP) Number for October 2021 for Breakfast and Lunch.
  2. Collaboration: Describe the role of internal and external partners that contributed to your success.
  3. Strategies & Resources Used: Describe how the implementation of strategies and resources contributed to the expansion and access to your school meal program.
  4. Challenges: Describe any challenges/obstacles that you have encountered and the adjustments made to help ease or solve the challenge/obstacles.
  5. Outcomes: Use participation data and observations to describe the impact and greatest accomplishments achieved in your meal program. Include stories/quotes from students, families or community members.  
  6. Sustainable: Describe strategies and innovations you continued from last year or would like to include in the future. 
  7. Photos and Communication:  Provide up to 5 of the following:  photos of meals in action, awards/recognition, news articles/social media, and/or communication pieces.  Please be sure that you have prior approval from your district for any pictures submitted of students.
Stories can be submitted anytime between January 2022 thru April 15, 2022.
Recognizing Your Efforts
Districts submitting stories receive
  • an electronic medallion for your district/school's use on school menus, website, social media, school district profile & other community focused communications.
  • social media messages and a press release to share with your district and the community.
The Ohio School Breakfast Challenge will share a selection of Breakfast & Beyond stories with state education association members and health and child focused organizations. 


 Save and Complete Later Button

At the top right hand corner of each page, find a Save and Continue Later button.  Use this button to complete your story at a later time. To save your progress, supply your email address and a unique link will be emailed to you that will allow you to return where you left off.

Please contact Jan Ritter at if you have any questions regarding the application.