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Siemens Education Partner Badging

Siemens Digital Badges for Projects and Coursework

This form is for Educators to submit your course or project that utilizes Siemens software for consideration for the Siemens Education Partner Badge program. Please submit all requested information and a member of our team will reach out for next steps.

*You may submit multiple courses or projects, but each requires its own form. If you have questions, please direct them to
1. Request Type:
2. For which are you requesting a badge for? *This question is required.
2. Please upload the syllabus that describes the coursework or project, highlighting where and how Siemens software was used for earning this badge. *This question is required.
2. Please upload 1-3 artifacts or samples of student work (as a single PDF file) completed as part of the criteria for earning this badge. *This question is required.
2. We partner with Credly as the platform for our digital badges. In order to offer badges to your students, please submit a .xls or .csv file with the following information.

Please upload a single file that contains the following columns. The rows will list all of your students who are eligible for this particular badge. You may list students who have achieved these criteria beginning in January of 2020.
First Name
Last name(s)
Email address
State, province or territory (if known)

 To Badge Future Students: You can return to this form and select "Issue Your Existing Approved Badge" once you have more students continuing to meet your criteria.
*This question is required.
2. Are you using any of the following learning content for this course or project? (Check all that apply) *This question is required.
2. If using any relevant third-party external standards such as state or federal learning criteria or those defined by accrediting bodies like ABET associated with this course or project, would you like them stated on the badge? 
2. Do you have any URL's to any relevant information( blogs, program flyers, etc) related to description or activity you would like placed on the badge?