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Behavioral Health/Wellness Survey

Harrison County MAPP Coalition, Behavioral Health/Wellness Survey 2021

The Caring for Our Community Coalition-MAPP team would like to get feedback from our Harrison County residents on your behavioral health and wellness.  Please complete the short survey.  Your information will be kept confidential and only used to identify needed resources and gaps in services.  Thank you.   
1. Are you currently receiving behavioral health/mental health services? 
2. Is someone in your family receiving behavioral health or mental health services? 
3. If you answered yes above are you receiving these services in Harrison County, if no where do you receive these services?  
4. What type of mental health services are you or your family receiving?  Check all that apply.  
5. If you would like to receive services but have been unable to what has kept you from receiving needed services?  
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6. Do you feel the behavioral health/mental health services you are receiving are meeting your needs?  If no what other services do you feel you need?  
7. Are you aware of all the behavioral health/mental health services in your community for adults/children and eligibility requirements?