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eFMAP: COVID-19 Service and Preliminary Vaccination Incentive Survey

The survey collects information that will be utilized by OPWDD to determine funding necessary to provide COVID-19 Service and/or Vaccination Incentive payments to Direct Support Professional staff. 

Every question that references information related to Direct Care staff is specific to staff that performed direct care functions, for the time periods referenced, that will be reportable within the job position title codes of 200-299 in the agency's Consolidated Fiscal Report.

The provider may find it helpful to compile a spreadsheet of required survey data elements, by OPWDD program, prior to completing the survey.  A sample spreadsheet document for this purpose was included in the email announcement sent out by

Providers that operate more than five OPWDD programs will have to complete the survey multiple times in order to report information for each OPWDD program operated by the provider.

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