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CySA+ Practice Quiz: C00-002 Quiz 22

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. One component of the ALE calculation is ARO. What does ARO represent?
2. Which team is responsible for defending the network against attacks in a risk training scenario?
3. This government resource is a community-developed list of common software security weaknesses. They strive to create commonality in the descriptions of weaknesses of software security.

Which of the following government resources fits this decription?

4. Which government agency sponsors five valuable resources for security analysts?

5. Which of the following are protocols included in the IPsec architecture?
6. Which of the following plug-ins could you use to stress test the network capabilities of a target server?
7. You train your staff to notify you if they notice any of the following signs:

- Services are unavailable or very slow
- Unexpected 503 error messages
- Abnormal spikes in network traffic
- Customer complaints about access

Which type of attack are you preparing against?
8. Which of the following is an open-source intrusion detection system that provides search and analysis tools to help index collected data?
9. Which of the following tools allows domain owners to notify receivers that emails have been authenticated, provides feedback about the legitimacy of emails sent on their domain, and applies instructions for emails that failed authentication?
10. Which of the following tools allows a domain owner to specify e-mail servers that can send an e-mail in the domain, and which servers are not allowed to send e-mails?
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