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2022 Supplier Diversity Award

Welcome to the 2022 INSIGHT Into Diversity Jesse L. Moore Supplier Diversity Award application. Each winner will receive an award certificate, a high-resolution downloadable logo for use in print and online marketing information, and will profile in the April 2022 issue of INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine.

You can save your incomplete application beginning on the second page by entering your email address at the bottom. You will then receive a link that will return you to your partially completed application at any time. We strongly encourage you to use the comment boxes to explain or expand on your responses so that the award committee will have additional information when considering your application.

The deadline to submit your nomination is January 31, 2022. If your school is selected as a 2022 Jesse L. Moore Supplier Diversity Award winner, you will be notified by February 15. If you have any questions, please contact Lenore Pearlstein at

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2. How long has your supplier diversity program been in existence?
3. Which of the following are primary drivers for your supplier diversity program? Check all that apply.
4. Is your supplier diversity program integrated into your procurement practices?
5. If you responded "yes" to the previous question, how is supplier diversity integrated in your procurement practices and processes? Check all that apply.
6. Do you require any of the following certifications from diverse suppliers? Check all that apply.
7. What percentage of your institutional spending is set aside for diverse suppliers?
8. Which tools do you use to find diverse suppliers? Check all that apply.
9. What percentage of your overall annual budget was spent on the following diverse groups in our most recent fiscal year?
Total : 0
10. Do you do request any of the following when opening a contract bidding process or request for proposals? Check all that apply.
11. How has the Black Lives Matter movement affected your supplier diversity program?  Check all that apply.
12. How involved are the following in your supplier diversity program?
Space Cell Actively involvedSomewhat involvedMinimally involvedNot involved at allN/A
Director of marketing/communications
Legal department
Chief diversity officer (or similar title)
Chief financial officer
Director of alumni relations
Director of procurement/purchasing
Purchasing managers from different colleges/departments
Board of Trustees
13.  Do you have a policy to provide feedback to diverse suppliers who do not receive contracts?
14. Do you offer training to diverse suppliers to help them navigate your bidding process?
15. Does your institution offer any of the following supplier diversity recognitions?  Check all that apply.
16. How often do you issue written supplier diversity reports?
17. Does your institution have any of the following?
18. What metrics do you use for tracking your supplier diversity goals? Check all that apply.