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An Invitation to the Synod Survey


Pope Francis has asked the Church around the world to undertake a process of LISTENING - listening to the members of the Church, as well as to those persons who may feel excluded or estranged from the Church.

Whether you are an active member of the Catholic Church or a person who may feel excluded or estranged, Pope Francis asks for you to pray and then share your experiences, sentiments and thoughts so that your voice about your journey with Christ and with the Church can be heard.

The synodal process is meant to enable people to confidentially express, after prayer and personal reflection, how their parish and how the Church overall has enabled them to experience or not experience:
The love, compassion, mercy and consolation of God in their lives
The reality and support of a community of faith that the Church is meant to be

This survey can take as little as five minutes or as long as you wish.  You do not have to answer every question.  You are not required to share your name, so that your reflections can be completely anonymous.  We do welcome you to share your name and contact information if you feel outreach from a clergy or staff member would be helpful to you.  You may also email us at

If you would prefer to meet in person with our Synod delegates or attend a parish listening session, we urge you to visit the Synod page of the parish website at for information on when and where these listening sessions will be held.

Our quest is for a synodal church which is one of communion, participation and mission. 
Everything your share is important and places us one step further along the journey!

Let us pray before we start.

Come Holy Spirit
Thank you for this opportunity to share my voice and my lived experiences. 
Thank you for the opportunity to be heard.
May I have the courage to be open and honest in all that the Spirit may bring forth.

Thank you for your prayer and your participation!
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