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2021 Club Leaders Survey

A Club Leader’s Perspective: Predicting the New Normal

Welcome to the 2021 Club Leaders Survey, a GGA Partners research survey administered in partnership with the Club Management Association of America (CMAA). This survey explores recent trends and reactions within the club industry, serving as a contemporary update on the pressing needs of club leaders across the country. 

The results, in summary form, will be available to those who participate in and complete the survey.

The survey is estimated to take 20 minutes to complete and will cover the following sections:
  • Section 1 – Club Profile
  • Section 2 – Industry Outlook
  • Section 3 – Access and Utilization
  • Section 4 – Member Experience Insights
  • Section 5 – Capital and Finance
  • Section 6 – Inflationary Impacts on Service

Individual responses to this survey will be kept in strict confidence and the results will be reported in an aggregate format. Should you need to step away from your online survey prior to completion, your answers will be automatically saved and you may return to the questionnaire at any time before the deadline. You are encouraged to have the Club's most recent year membership counts, income statement, and balance sheet on hand to complete the 'Club Profile' section of the survey. 

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important ongoing initiative!