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EDGAR Next Survey for Issuers


SEC Filers (only) are invited to take this brief (3-5 minute) survey to collect feedback about the SEC’s EDGAR Next program which is proposed to launch Spring 2022. Your participation will be held completely confidential. Responses will be aggregated to provide feedback to the SEC on the viewpoint of registrants to an SEC Request For Information on EDGAR Next. Below are links that may be helpful as you consider the questions below:

Please note this survey is to be taken by SEC filers only. 
1. What is your level of awareness about the SEC's EDGAR Next and its impact on your internal processes? *This question is required.
Not At All AwareSlightly AwareSomewhat AwareModerately AwareExtremely Aware
2. Have you participated in the SEC’s EDGAR Next BETA? *This question is required.
3. Are you prepared to successfully implement the process changes needed for EDGAR Next in Spring 2022? *This question is required.
Not At All PreparedSlightly PreparedSomewhat PreparedModerately PreparedVery Well Prepared
The questions in the following sections address expected changes to your current EDGAR process with the introduction of EDGAR Next. Please tell us if you are prepared to handling the proposed changes.