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Security+ Practice Quiz: SY0-601 Quiz 21

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Creating the appearance of having a legitimate reason for approaching someone to ask for sensitive information is called what?
2. Every ACME computer comes with the same account created at the factory. Which kind of vulnerability is this?
3. Which of the following is the best device to deploy to protect your private network from a public untrusted network?

4. Which of the following solutions would you implement to track which websites network users are accessing?

5. A smart card can be used to store all but which of the following items?
6. What is the MOST important aspect of a biometric device?
7. You have been hired as part of the team that manages an organization's network defense. Which security team are you working on?
8. As part of a special program, you have discovered a vulnerability in an organization's website and reported it to the organization. Because of the severity, you are paid a good amount of money.

Which type of penetration test are you performing?
9. You have conducted a risk analysis to protect a key company asset. You identify the following values:

Asset value = 400
Exposure factor = 75
Annualized rate of occurrence = .25

What is the annualized loss expectancy (ALE)?
10. A broken water pipe that floods the reception area would be considered which type of threat?
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