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Adopt-an-Admin: Subreddits

If your subreddit is interested in participating in the Adopt-an-Admin program, please sign up below! We will reach out if we think we have a match for you. Please note that for this program,  we do require that your subreddit is in good standing with the admins.

Adopt-an-Admin is a program is where a subreddit "adopts" an admin for a couple of weeks so that admins can get a better understanding of what it's like to be a moderator. While many Reddit admins work closely with the community and mods, we have over 1000 employees that work on many different projects and some might not have that direct line of communication. Even those who work closely with mods or who have moderated before can still learn a lot by moderating on subreddits that they’re not familiar with. 

Learn more: Adopt-an-Admin Mod Help Center article
Only sign up for one subreddit at a time, you may sign up for multiple subreddits but you need to fill out the form for each subreddit individually. 
Is your full mod team on board?  *This question is required.Only fill out this form if you have full mod permissions, "everything", and discussed with your mod team about participating. 
3. Has the subreddit you are signing up with participated in the past or has signed up previously?  *This question is required.
3. Would you like to use the information you provided in the past for this round? Yes to skip to the end. No to fill out the subreddit details. 

We'll send you a modmail in the future to validate your details if you select "yes". Please only select "yes" if you definitely submitted a form in the past, otherwise we may not have the full details of your subreddit to be properly matched.