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Planning approvals feedback form

Community engagement is an important part of the planning process when delivering a major infrastructure project like Melbourne Airport Rail. Your feedback is helping inform the planning and environmental controls on the project. 

Since December 2020, we have regularly been seeking feedback from the community on a range of topics such as construction impacts, elements of scope and your main concerns regarding Melbourne Airport Rail.  

Fact sheets about these elements and construction impacts can be found on our website.

You can also read more about what we heard on our website.

We are now collecting additional feedback from the community to gain further insights and details regarding Melbourne Airport Rail, particularly around:

  • Planning and environment considerations
  • Walking and cycling

If you have any feedback in addition to what we have heard previously, please complete this form.

Please note Rail Projects Victoria will seek planning approval for the project under Clause 52.36 which was added to the Victoria Planning Provisions in May 2021, to establish a standard planning approval process to assess all rail projects. Further information regarding Clause 52.36 is available on Melbourne Airport Rail Website and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.  

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