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Thriving Minds: Trauma-Informed Practices for School Mental Health

About the Project

Many children began school this year having experienced significant trauma from the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Schools must respond to this need by providing thoughtful, effective trauma-informed supports. This is a critical element in building a comprehensive school mental health system that promotes student wellbeing in meaningful, consistent ways. To provide guidance and support for schools and districts to build comprehensive school mental health systems that address the holistic needs of their students, the Massachusetts School Mental Health Consortium, BRYT, and the Rennie Center for Education Research & Policy have come together to lead a new initiative, Thriving Minds. 

In partnership with the Center on Child Wellbeing and Trauma, Thriving Minds is now accepting applications from district teams interested in participating in a new Learning Cohort on Trauma-Informed Practices for School Mental Health. This program will train participants to develop and apply trauma-informed practices in their schools and districts. Through a series of professional development opportunities and cohort-based discussions, participants will deepen their understanding of and commitment to trauma-informed and healing-centered practices while also supporting the implementation of these practices, now and in the future.

Please contact Ellie Sanchez, Associate at the Rennie Center, if you have any questions.

Application due Friday, December 3rd at 5 pm.