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2022 PA LGBTQ Health Needs Assessment

Survey Introduction:
LGBTQ Pennsylvanians, ages 13 and older, are invited to participate in Pennsylvania’s LGBTQ health needs assessment. The goal of this survey is to gather information to better understand the health status and health care experience of you and your community. We will summarize the results so your feedback can be used to start conversations, inspire action and bring attention to community needs.

This survey is collecting information to support improvements in care and services. Some of the questions may be sensitive (e.g., mental health, sexual health, violence, discrimination, etc.). You may stop the survey or skip a question at any time following the three eligibility questions.
Survey DOH ID: HD002347

Your responses to this survey are anonymous. We will not ask you for your name, address, or phone number. All responses will be kept confidentially. We do not record participants’ computer user IDs, IP addresses, and other tracking information. You will not be identified in any way. Saved data will be stored in a secure place. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent possible by law. This survey is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. An independent non-profit organization is conducting the survey and summarizing all findings.

This survey should take less than 25 minutes to complete. Please complete the entire survey in one session, so none of your experiences, opinions, and ideas are lost. Your completion of the survey is truly valued, and we thank you in advance for your participation. As thanks, you will have the chance to enter a raffle for one of ten $50 gift cards!

We are highly dedicated to keeping your responses private. If you have any questions or concerns, please see additional information here.
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