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Returning to The Arden Theatre 2021-2022

Post show survey, The Arden 2021-2022 Series

1. Have you attended any performances or events at The Arden Theatre in 2021 (check all that apply)

How are you feeling about attending a live concert or event right now at The Arden Theatre?



*This question is required.

Does the fact The Arden Theatre is taking part in the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) make you feel comfortable to attend performances in our venue?

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4. If you are not attending performances at this time, under what conditions will you resume attending arts and cultural events?
5. In thinking about returning to arts and cultural activities in person, which of the following health and safety-related topics are most important to you?
6. How will your attendance at arts and cultural activities be affected by the pandemic in the long-term, given your personal circumstances?
7. Were you a multi-buyer in past seasons?
As a previous multi-buyer, do you anticipate you will return to purchasing multiple shows at one time?
How much influence does our levels of discounts (10%, 15%, 20%) have on your ticket buying?
8. What is your appetite for attending virtual and livestream performances at this time?
9. We just introduced our new ticketing system ( in September. Have you purchased tickets online for any of our shows?
Did you find the online ticketing site easy to navigate?