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CySA+ Practice Quiz: C00-002 Quiz 20

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Access to a database is protected by multi-factor authentication. In the CIA triad, this is an example of which of the following?
2. PII, if exposed or captured by attackers, can be used to exploit and blackmail. What is PII?
3. Which tool is used as a framework for exploiting vulnerabilities and conducting discovery using predefined scripts?

4. After the enumeration stage, you are considering blocking port 389. Your colleague has advised you to use caution when blocking ports that could potentially impact your network.

Which of the following services could be blocked if you go ahead with this action?

5. Which of the following could you use as an LDAP countermeasure?
6. An attacker wants to use a SQL injection attack against your web application. Which of the following can provide useful information to the attacker about your application's SQL vulnerabilities?
7. Which of the following security methods explicitly defines specific programs, ports, IP addresses, services, or other types of traffic to block from the network?
8. Which of the following mobile security concerns is characterized by malicious code that specifically targets mobile devices?
9. Which of the following operating systems is the most prevalent on the smartphone market?
10. Which of the following is the practice of gathering insight about network events based on users daily behaviors to create a baseline for anomaly detection?
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