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Bike 5 Cities 2021 Survey

Bike/Walk Central Florida Bike 5 Cities Survey

Each year, we strive to make the Bike 5 Cities ride even better. Bike/Walk Central Florida and the Bike 5 Cities sponsors want to hear from you. Please take two or three minutes to let us know more about you and your experience. Thanks in advance for your valuable time and opinion. 
1. From which city did you start your Bike 5 Cities ride?
2. What type of cyclist do you consider yourself, mostly?
3. How many times have you participated in Bike 5 Cities?
4. How did you hear about Bike 5 Cities?
5. Did you use social media to share, like, retweet or post about the Bike5 Cities ride event?
6. Did you opt to ride in a small, guided group, the ride-on-my-own option or in the family ride?
7. How did you navigate the route (Select all that apply)?
10. What is your gender?
11. What is your age group?