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PDOP Scholarship Application 2022

Scholarship Application Process 2022

Participants of all ages are welcome to apply for a scholarship; however, the forms must be completed by an adult age 18 or older. Additional requirements include: being an Oak Park resident, being able to provide proof of dependency (if requesting funding for your children) and qualify financially by providing proof of income

If you are unsure if you are financially eligible, please see the household financial requirements below
Note: Applicant’s income will be verified with tax return, paycheck stub, or other appropriate document.
Note: to Parent/Guardian: Please circle the size of your household and your total household income below, and
sign to verify your income. Household income must be equal to or less than the amounts listed for each pay period
for your child to be eligible for the scholarship. You will need to present documentation verifying your income.
  Tier 1 (Fees Covered) Tier 2 (Fees Covered) Tier 3 (Fees Covered)
  Scholarship 75% / 25% Participant Scholarship 55% / 45% Participant Scholarship 35% / 65% Participant
Household Size Annual Income Annual Income Annual Income
1 $16,744 $23,828 $30,912
2 $22,646 $32,227 $41,808
3 $28,548 $40,626 $52,704
4 $34,450 $49,025 $63,600
5 $40,352 $57,424 $74,496
6 $46,254 $65,823 $85,392
7 $52,156 $74,222 $96,288
8 $58,058 $82,621 $107,184
each additional $5,902 $8,399 $10,896
family member add:      
Income is defined as any monies earned before any deductions such as income taxes, social security taxes, insurance premiums; 
charitable contributions, and bonds. It includes the following: (1) Monetary compensation for services, including wages, salary, 
commissions or fees; (2) net income from non-farm self employment; (3) social security; (4) dividends or interest on 
savings or bonds or income from estates or trusts; (5) net rental income; (6) public assistance or welfare payments;
 (7) unemployment compensation; (8) government civilian employment or military annuities; (9) private pensions or annuities; 
(10) alimony or child support payments; (11) regular contributions from persons not living in the household; (12) net royalties ;
 and (13) other cash income. Other cash income would include cash amounts received or withdrawn from any source including
 savings, investments, trust accounts, and other resources that would be available.  

If you are ready to complete the online scholarship application, please click "NEXT" in order to proceed. 

If you would rather complete a paper version and turn it in along with your supporting documentation, you can print the scholarship application.  Once complete, please turn in your form and documentation at the GRC, 21 Lake Street Oak Park, IL, C/O Customer Service Manager.  Applications are also available at these locations.