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Security+ Practice Quiz: SY0-601 Quiz 19

Enjoy the following 10 question quiz from TestOut.

1. Which of the following BEST describes an inside attacker?
2. Which of the following attacks tricks victims into providing confidential information (such as identity information or logon credentials) through emails or websites that impersonate an online entity that the victim trusts?
3. An attacker has gained access to the administrator's login credentials. Which type of attack has most likely occurred?

4. Which of the following is susceptible to social engineering exploits?

5. Certificates can be invalidated by the trusted third party that originally issued the certificate. What is the name of the mechanism that is used to distribute information about invalid certificates?
6. Which of the following is a mechanism for granting and validating certificates?
7. DLP can be implemented as a software or hardware solution that analyzes traffic in an attempt to detect sensitive data that is being transmitted in violation of an organization's security policies.

Which of the following DLP implementations analyzes traffic for data containing such things as financial documents, social security numbers, or key words used in proprietary intellectual property?
8. Which type of attack is the act of exploiting a software program's free acceptance of input in order to execute arbitrary code on a target?
9. Which of the following network strategies connects multiple servers together so that if one server fails, the others immediately take over its tasks, preventing a disruption in service?
10. Which backup strategy backs up only files that have the archive bit set, but does not mark them as having been backed up?
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