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Ansible for IBM Z NPS Survey

As part of our Ansible for IBM Z solution, we continually look for input from our users to better understand their experience with Ansible and to help prioritize what we deliver as part of our solution.  Your feedback will help to ensure that we are delivering the most iconic experience....tailored to your needs, useful and easy to use.

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey.  It should only take you about a couple minutes to complete.  
3. Your Role *This question is required.
4. How likely are you to recommend the Ansible for IBM Z solution to a colleague or business partner? *This question is required.
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5. How satisfied are you with the following attributes of the Ansible for IBM Z solution?
Space Cell How satisfied?
Clarity of the steps to get started
Overall - (overall product satisfaction)
Capability - (has necessary functions)
Usability - (ease of use of learning)
Performance - (overall startup, throughput, response time)
Reliability - (frequency, number and seriousness of defects; ability to recover
Documentation - (clarity and overall quality of information on the product)
Availability - (ready to use when you need it)
Service and support - (quality and timeliness of assistance and the solution provided)
Value proposition - (the product met your expectations with respect to the value of the solution)
7. May we contact you for any follow up questions we may have on your responses?
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