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Folsom Lake Marina User Survey

Folsom Lake Marina User Survey Questions

Please respond to the following questions to the best of your ability.
This survey, hosted by the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), is intended to gather input on the Folsom Lake Marina’s current facilities and services, and to better understand the community's desires for improved services, facility improvement and development. In recent history, drought has routinely affected the viability and usefulness of the Folsom Lake Marina. As the sole Marina located on Folsom Lake, DPR recognizes the importance of this facility. Your participation in this survey will assist DPR in identifying the best possible scenario for the Marina’s future. The survey should take you less than 10 minutes to complete. 
1. Are you a current renter of dock space or outdoor boat storage at Folsom Lake Marina?
2. If you are a current dock user, would you be willing to pay higher rental rates for an improved marina? 
2. If yes, what would you be willing to pay for this service?
2. Would you be interested in utilizing a new indoor, covered boat storage facility near the marina?
2. If you use the marina, would you be interested in a boat valet service that would store your boat on or offsite and then bring it to the water upon request?
2. What activities have you participated in at Browns Ravine? (Check all that apply)
4. What amenities, services, or facilities would you like to see improved at Browns Ravine Marina? (Check all that apply.)
5. What other additional recreation amenities, services or facilities would you like to see provided at Browns Ravine, either through the existing concession or through other means? (Select up to three). 
6. Would you like to see more special events at the Browns Ravine Marina?  If so, what types? (Check all that apply).