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ER Law short survey

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Thanks for clicking through to this short, 4 min survey.  As a thank you for your valuable time we have a prize question with a grand prize $500 voucher, plus five x $100 gift vouchers to award at the end (prizes can also be donated to a charity). 

The goal of this survey is to understand how we can better serve people like you in 2022.  It's being administered by a 3rd party research agency (The Insights Grill - member of the Research Society), so your answers are 100% confidential and will never be tied to your personal information.

 Anyone who engages with ER Law (formerly AMPLA) is welcome to take this survey - regardless if you are a member or not.  Let’s begin!

1. Where in Australia or overseas do you live?   *This question is required.
2. Are you a paid member of ER Law (Energy & Resources Law Association, formerly known as AMPLA): *This question is required.
3. Which best describes where you work, if at all? *This question is required.